A Pilgrimage Journey to the Orthodox Sanctuary in Kosovo and Metohia

LocationNemanjići monasteries
Duration4 Days
Price starting from250€

A Pilgrimage Journey to the Orthodox Sanctuary in Kosovo and Metohia

Embark on a spiritual journey through the heart of the Balkans with the Pellegrino Tourist Agency's meticulously planned tour. Departing from Herceg Novi, our itinerary winds through Albania before reaching Prizren, where we explore historic landmarks like the Cathedral Church of St. Great Martyr George and the Monastery of the Holy Archangels. Velika Hoča offers a tranquil retreat before we continue to Visoki Dečani monastery to pay homage to the relics of Stefan Dečanski. Our pilgrimage includes visits to significant sites such as the Peć Patriarchate and Gračanica Monastery before concluding in Novi Pazar. Throughout, our expert guides ensure a seamless experience, while accommodations and meals are provided. Join us for a transformative journey of faith and discovery.

    Price includes:

  • Transportation by bus of high tourist class
  • Overnight stay with dinner in Velika Hoča in Petrovići accommodation
  • Overnight stay with lunch and dinner in Novi Pazar
  • Lunch package
  • Guide services
  • Escort services
  • Organizational costs
  • Travel taxes

    Price doesn't include:

  • Individual passenger expenses
  • Travel and health insurance - issued at the agency (recommended)
  • Travel program

    First day (14.3.) Thursday - Gathering of the group at the main bus station in Herceg Novi. Departure at 11:00 p.m. Night drive through Albania with short stops along the way for rest and border formalities.

    Second day (15.3.) Friday - Arrival in Prizren in the early morning. Next, there is a tour of Prizren - the Cathedral Church of St. Great Martyr George, worshiping the Virgin of Ljeviška, a tour of the Prizren Seminary, the Monastery of the Holy Archangels. In the continuation of the journey, veneration of the relics of the Holy Healers Cosma and Damian in the Zočište monastery. Arrival in Velika Hoča, accommodation in Konak Petrovići. Dinner. Overnight stay.

    The third day (16.3.) Saturday - Departure to Visoki Dečani monastery to venerate the miracle-working relics of the holy king Stefan Dečani, attending the Holy Liturgy. This is followed by a tour of the Peć Patriarchate, the Gračanica Monastery and the Banjska Monastery. Continuation of the trip to Novi Pazar, where a tour of the Đurđevi Stupovi monastery is planned. Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

    Fourth day (March 17) Sunday - Attendance at the holy liturgy in the Sopoćani monastery. After the end of the liturgy, we will go to lunch together. After a short rest, a tour of the Mileševa monastery and departure for Montenegro is planned. Arrival in Herecg Novi in the late evening.

  • Price notes

    Price of the arrangement per person: €250

    Package price for children up to 8 years of age: 50%

    Method of payment: 50% (125 €) at the time of reservation/registration, the rest of the amount 10.03.2024.

  • General notes

    • The organizer of the trip is the Pellegrino Tourist Agency, license no. 373
    • This program is subject to the General Travel Conditions of T.A. Pellegrino.
    • Please read the General Travel Conditions carefully.
    • The signatory of the travel contract or the representatives of the group of travelers are obliged to familiarize all travelers with the contracted travel program, terms of payment, insurance and the general terms and conditions of travel of the travel organizer.
    • Travelers who do not have a passport of the Republic of Montenegro are obliged to familiarize themselves with the visa regime of the country they are traveling to and to obtain a travel visa themselves.
    • The traveler is obliged to respect the hourly rate determined by the agency representative on the trip, otherwise the agency representative has the right to exclude the traveler from the trip.
    • Smoking, consumption of alcohol and intoxicants are prohibited in tourist buses.
    • It is not possible to use the toilet in tourist buses; according to the itinerary, breaks are made for 3-4 hours (depending on the location and equipment of the gas station) that passengers can use to use the toilet.
    • The agency determines the place of departure, the place for a break and the length of it; by paying for the arrangement, the traveler accepts all of the above, without the right to complain or complain.
    • Passengers are obliged to stay on the bus at places not intended for breaks (borders, toll booths...); in case the passenger leaves the vehicle without prior agreement with the guide or agency representative, he/she bears all possible costs and consequences.
    • A passenger who, with his inappropriate behavior, disturbs other passengers or disturbs the driver and companion in the work will be immediately excluded from the trip and all responsibility will be transferred to him without the right to appeal and refund.
    • The minimum for the implementation of the program is 30 registered passengers.
    • Bring the necessary documentation. Check the exact time and place of departure of the bus 3 days before the trip.
    • The agency reserves the right to cancel the arrangement no later than 5 days before the trip.